Evolv Composting

Evolv's composting system and service aims to make composting easy for every household and business

Now, you can easily compost food scraps in your kitchen, garage, or apartment.
Evolv utilizes the Bokashi Composting method to keep the kitchen odorless. No longer fuss separating different food items and never again deal with an unsightly smelly pile in the backyard.
Residential Bin - 5 Gallons

This includes the bin, 5 lbs of bran, and a compost presser.


The Bins

Airtight odorless composting that is better than traditional

Prevents food from beginning to rot: No smell, No bags, No pests. Widest range of possible inputs: Meat, oils, and dairys

Evolv's Wheat Bran: Evolv’s inoculated wheat bran contains lacto bacteria that jumpstarts the composting process. All you have to do is sprinkle a bit on when food scraps are added to the bin.

Commercial Bin - 45 Gallons

This includes the bin and 20 lbs of bran.


The Pick Up

This service gets compost back into the food chain instead of letting it go to waste.

We offer weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) compost collection and bin rotation for residences, businesses, organizations and institutions in the following Capital Region counties: Saratoga, Albany, Washington and Schenectady.

Collection Service:

$19.99/month for residents

$39.99/month for businesses

This includes pickup and bran refill

The collection service is not required. We encourage residences and businesses to get involved in the food production process through gardening. Evolv’s compost is the perfect way to grow your interest.

Who's Evolving?

Rory Moran,

Owner of Comfort Kitchen
Saratoga Springs, NY

In the past 2 months, comfort kitchen has diverted over 150 lbs of food waste from landfills by using Evolv Composting.


The Founders of Evolv
Brad Cray and John Manning are students from Skidmore College who started forming the idea for Evolv in an entrepreneurship class. With a passion for combining sustainability with convenience, we decided to launch the concept into a reality in January, 2014. Currently, Evolv is growing within Saratoga Springs and the capital region of NY.

Jim and Monica Fredell

Saratoga Springs, NY

A local family that uses a portion of their compost in home gardens and lets Evolv take care of the rest.


"How is Evolv different than regular composting?"

Evolv’s bins can handle the widest range of possible food scraps including cooked meats, oils and dairies, unlike traditional composting that requires separation. Evolv’s bins and bran also allows for faster composting, turning food scraps into nutritious compost as quickly as possible. Other companies may try to accept the same amount of inputs, but cannot in the same odorless, airtight and convenient fashion.

"How does Evolv impact the environment?"

When food scraps are thrown into the garbage and wind up in landfills, they produce methane gas, a gas that is 21 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide. Wasting food or food scraps by allowing them to get into landfills also wastes the resources that went into producing the food. Evolv hopes to help close the door on food waste and get vital nutrients back into food production through widespread composting that is convenient for everyone. Food production requires many resources including chemical fertilizers. We can reduce dependence on artificial fertilizers by using natural created, nutrient rich compost.

"How does Evolv contain the smell?"

Evolv’s bin requires less work than traditional composting piles. Traditional pile management requires exposure to oxygen, heat monitoring, and turning. Evolv’s bin takes away those concerns for residences and businesses as it is airtight and once bran is added it does not require monitoring.

What can you compost?

  • All food scraps including meats, oils, and dairy
  • Soiled paper products and cardboard
  • Yard waste
  • All certified compostable products


We also sell the compost that we collect! If you are interested please contact us.

bcray@evolvcomposting.com | (203)-524-2180

jmanning@evolvcomposting.com | 919)-961-8618